About Mir Imad Ahmed

Mir Imad Ahmed is an expert developer, mentor, and coach. He is a software engineer by education and entrepreneur by profession. He has a lot of passion for building great things. He is working online since 2014. He has been making landing pages, games, AR apps, web apps, and providing remote and on-site front-end consultancy to some big names.

Mir Imad Ahmed on Udemy

With more than 9 thousand students on Udemy. He makes regular content about different programming problems, tools, techniques, and other tech-related stuff.

His main aim is to share knowledge in form of his Udemy courses and YouTube channel. He wants to pass on his skills, knowledge and most important of all: the experience that he has gained on how not to just survive in the industry but become a successful person.

YouTube Channel

With over 20K monthly views on YouTube channel of Mir Imad Ahmed, he aims to build a community of learners on YouTube who wish to learn about programming, online earning and other different tech-related topics.


As a programmer, he has a diverse portfolio of making games, websites and AR content applications. He says:

If something involves coding, I’m doing it! But for such a mentality it is necessary that I continuously keep learning and I have been doing that for a long time and will continue to do so in the future. 

Mir Imad Ahmed

Generally, he has been coding for over 10 years now, started when he was just 12 years old, and it has fascinated him ever since.

You can also learn and polish your programming skills, start by solving Project Euler Problems here. Or benefit yourself from the Unity tutorials here.

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