5 rules of success

5 lessons for success I learned from Qasim Ali Shah.

1. Always give out from what you have. Make your mission to give away something from what you earn. May it be money, knowledge or respect. Give others what you want more. The more you give the more you get.

2. Confident people always get ahead of anyone else. Always have confidence on yourself. Teachers must motivate the students instead just making them learn by heart. Confident people always get ahead of intelligent people.

3. Make your connection strong with your creator. The strong your connection is with your GOD the more determined and strong your believe in self will be.

4.  Discover yourself and once you know your purpose work hard to become the best in your field. Stay focused and love your field. Become the best you can be in your own field.

5. Always have people who pray for you. Get good wishes from your parents as a known saying “Maa ki dua Jannat ki hawa” – “Mom’s good wish for you can take you to heaven”. People with good luck can take numbers from those who are intelligent.