11 points from Imran Khan for a Prosperous Pakistan

PTI is the largest party of Pakistan and fairly popular among the youth of Pakistan. PTI has educated people about rights and politics situation. On 29th April, 2018 Pakistan Tehreek Insaf held jalsa in Minar e Pakistan Lahore. In that jalsa Imran Khan presented his 11 points agenda for a prosperous Pakistan. These 11 points are as follows:

  1. Focus on education. Today more than 2 crore Pakistani kids are out of schools. Previous governments have not spent enough amount on education. Previous governments have not taken steps to open good schools, high standard educational institutes or international standard universities. We have to invest in our people instead of roads and bridges. We will bring one whole curriculum for the whole country. We will strengthen government schools.
  2. Focus on health. We will construct new hospitals for everyone. Poor people will not have to worry about the medication expenses. The amount Pakistani people spent on health by going outside from Pakistan we can setup a new cancer hospital each year from that amount.
  3. Previous governments have increased our loans to 27000 billion rupees. We will collect funds from these Pakistani people to get rid of our international loans. Our people are very generous, if you guarantee them that the money they give as tax or charity will not go into bogus politicians pockets they will give generously. We will bring reforms to the federal bureau of revenue to make our country strong. We will pay all our loans ourself.
  4. We will make our judiciary and accountability institutions strong by bringing reforms. We made a historical move by holding our 30 parliamentarians accountable. We started from our own party and now we will eliminate corruption from Pakistan. We will eliminate money laundering and bring back all the laundered money. All the recollected money will be spent on our children’s education.
  5. We will lower our taxes on electricity and gas so our industries grow. We will bring reforms so people can bring business and investment to our country. The overseas Pakistani will invest in Pakistan. We will bring ease in doing business in Pakistan.
  6. 5 million cheap homes will be constructed to re-establish the industries related will be honed and people will get more jobs.
  7. Tourism is the most profitable industry these days. I have decided to open 4 new tourist spots every year. Pakistan has a lot of breath taking areas. There are a lot of unattended places that are far more better than Switzerland. We will give special focus to tourism.
  8. Farmers have been financially destroyed in the past years. We will have an agricultural emergency to bring reforms to farming. We will construct research centers, universities and other reforms for farmers so they can earn more and have a prosperous life.
  9. We will strengthen our federation. We will give equal rights to all of our provinces. We will have mayor system. We will bring reforms for southern Punjab province. We will also mix FATA to KPK province. I promise people of FATA that once we come in federal government we will develop FATA and give you representation in KPK assembly.
  10. We will give special attention to environmental side. All other provinces have not done anything for water, air pollution, forests, etc. We will make all our areas environmentally clean.
  11. As we have brought reforms to KPK police department, we will bring reforms to the police department of all other provinces and make them depoliticize. One day will come people will praise the police of Punjab as they do in KPK.

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